THE I.O.R.I. data base was designed and written by Bill Mauffray in 1993 originally with Microsoft ACCESS 1.0. It has been upgraded several times and finally converted to Office 2000 access in 1999.

The database design is a relational database utilizing a main input "form" for each specimen. The "form" is based on an underlying "query" which draws from all the "tables" of data. These "tables" supply the data to the individual "fields" on the input "form" by "drop down selection boxes". This eliminates spelling errors and repetitive typing. The final filed out "form" supplies the data to the underlying main "Inventory" data base "Table".

Here is a list of the "tables" (called "databases" by some programs)

This database will allow us to do searches such as:

To view a sample input screen form click here

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